von Sebastian Klemm

'The Rehearsal' Performance von Sebastian Klemm - Caroline Intrup | Sprecherin Performerin Sprechtrainerin | Berlin

»Nature is all about cultivation: creating and alternating circumstances to survive. Man-made visions, habits, philosophies and technologies are in themselves recursive towards a still present human nature – yet also manipulate this natural bond simultaneously. theRehearsal detects the human conditions of ›an urge to understand‹ and ›a will for making sense‹ as a constant processing that drives the development of cultural artefacts and translations. – Translations with that mankind seeks to bridge the gap between an individual selfawareness and a global, shared ecology. theRehearsal seeks the human face within this processing and celebrates all man-made cultural in(ter)ventions/translations/communications as part of the one and only perpetual creation and protection system: nature as a whole.« Sebastian Klemm, 2011

Sprechen: Caroline Intrup, Electronics: Jae Ho Youn, Text: Sebastian Klemm


Performer*innen: Kathleen Downie (Performance), Caroline Intrup (Sprechen & Performance), Gabriele Anna Lesch (Gesang & Performance), Alexandra Jasper (Fotografie & Performance), Madeleine Shrimpton (Performance), Jae Ho Youn (Electronics), Tom Barnett (Gitarre, Gesang, Electronics), Joe O´Miller (Bass), Bruno Innocenti (Schlagzeug)

Künstlerische Leitung: Sebastian Klemm • Video: Boldizsar Csernak-Risko • Bühnenbild: Jasmin Dieterle • Kostümbild: Samara Scott


27. Januar 2012, Gallery ΛRCΛDIΛ_MISSΛ, London